All regular width quilting fabrics are approx. 112cm (44") in width, and 100% cotton. 

All wide backing fabrics are 275cm (108") in width, and 100% cotton. 

Our minimum cut for all fabrics is 25cm.

Kaffe x Morris & Co. Granada Purple PWKW008.PURPLE PREORDER

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Please note: This range is a preorder, the earliest it will ship to NZ is December 2024 (from USA) so we don't expect to have it until at least a few weeks after that.


Fabric prices are per metre. The minimum purchase is 25 cms with increments of 5 cms there after.

If you would like to order between metres you will need to change the Length from m to cm.

For example: If you want 1.5m, change to cm and order 150cm.