Kaffe x Morris & Co. PREORDER

When the genius of colour meets the father of the Arts & Crafts movement, we all take a collective moment and joyously relish in the glorious brilliance. Introducing Kaffe Fassett X Morris & Co, 32 thoughtfully curated William Morris designs, marvelously re-coloured through the masterful lens of Kaffe Fassett. This collection features much-loved and iconic designs that speak to William Morris’ fascination and love for nature as well as designs that were inspired by medieval textiles, papers, and more. The timelessness and intriguing scale of these gorgeously alive designs are mood-lifting in Kaffe’s fresh spring colours. Together, this passionate combination speaks to the vision of Kaffe Fassett and William Morris, both desiring lovely, beautifully crafted spaces in everyone’s homes and lives.  

Please note: This range is a preorder, the earliest it will ship to NZ is December 2024 (from USA) so we don't expect to have it until at least a few weeks after that.