All regular width quilting fabrics are approx. 112cm (44") in width, and 100% cotton. 

All wide backing fabrics are 275cm (108") in width, and 100% cotton. 

Our minimum cut for all fabrics is 25cm.

Rit Back to Black Dye Kit

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Is your favourite black clothing faded? Now with Rit's Back to Black Dye Kit, you can restore clothing back to a rich black in just a few easy steps. This kit can also be used to overdye clothing of any colour to a vibrant black, and is ideal for tie-dyeing too. Includes Jet Black All-Purpose Dye, the darkest, richest black ever. Proudly non-toxic and safe for sewer and septic systems. Plus ColourStay Dye Fixative, the secret weapon to reduce bleeding and fading.