A Passion for Needlework 2 | Factoria VII

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Indulge your needlework passion with this the second book in the Inspirations A Passion for Needlework series.

'Factoria VII' tells the story of beautiful, sophisticated needlework in a rustic hide-away cottage.

12 extraordinary needlework projects.
1 unified aesthetic.
A new adventure awaits…

Compelled by our belief that every embroidery has a story waiting to be told, ‘A Passion for Needlework’ is a series of books that tell these stories.

Inside the pages of 'Factoria VII’, our second book in the series, you will experience the delight of 12 extraordinary needlework projects showcased in a history-rich, rustic cottage with interior furnishings that have been curated with as much love and care as the embroidery designs themselves. A wonderful union with endless possibilities.

As one of the world’s most beautiful needlework publications, each book in the series features 12 masterpieces for your stitching pleasure, hand selected to delight your senses and evoke your passion. Every project an adventure; each piece with its own unique story.

A Passion for Needlework | Factoria VII is the ultimate coffee table book and how-to guide for any discerning needlework artisan. This 192-page publication features a hard cover with linen binding, gold foil, ribbon bookmark, premium quality print and a pocket for convenient storage of the pattern sheets.

Featuring lavish galleries of gorgeous photography for the admirer, meticulous and detailed instructions for the hands-on, all projects include our world leading step-by-step instructions complete with detailed diagrams, how-to guides, expert tips and tricks and illustrated stitching glossary.

Featured Projects

'A Passion for Needlework 2 | Factoria VII' features the following projects:

  • Flower Pots by Ana Mallah

    Gorgeous trinket pots embellished with exquisite stumpwork flowers

  • Jacobean Hunt by Phillipa Turnbull

    Magnificent crewel design filled with dynamic motifs

  • Red Currants by Julie Kniedl

    Luscious threedimensional berries and leaves worked with fine, wool threads

  • Le Magnolia by Catherine Laurencon

    Stunning threadpainted magnolia worked in vibrant colours on linen

  • Versailles Chatelaine by Susan O'Connor

    Elegant silk needlebook with a monogram, pinwheel, scissor sheath and fob

  • Reticella Sampler by Christine P. Bishop

    Italian cutwork needlelace designs from the 14th and 15th centuries

  • Winter Sunset by Hazel Blomkamp

    Glorious surface embroidery with gentle colours and textures

  • Leaping Hare by Barbara Kershaw

    Pretty linen sachet with a leaping hare worked in Casalguidi embroidery

  • Edinburgh Etui by Betsy Morgan

    Charming etui and accessories with counted work and surface embroidery

  • The Linnet by Nicola Jarvis

    Enchanting silk and goldwork bird, adorned with a sparkling crown

  • Blackwell Roundel by Jenny Adin-Christie

    Graceful Arts and Crafts inspired motifs in a range of techniques using silk and metal threads

  • Bee-Eaters by Renette Kumm

    Superb threadpainted study of European bee-eaters

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